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Hanazawa kana

Hanazawa Kana is a Japanese voice actress and singer. She was one of the few voice actresses from Japan to hold a solo concert in the famous Budokan Stadium. She has acquired an abundant amount of followers on Youtube and Bilibili over the past years.

Second Dimension

Here we are again, bringing you an exciting new release- Second Dimension, soon to be launched in Q4 2022, on UneMeta Launchpad. This project will be the first ever voice incorporated NFT collection by world-renowned voice actress and singer Hanazawa Kana.

About This Collection

Total supply: TBD
Format: Each NFT is in MP4 format, manifesting an 1:1 designed animated image of Hanazawa Kana and a voice message from her. The paired audio comes in 4 different versions.
Mint price: TBD
Each address is eligible to mint one NFT.


Second Dimension NFTs reserve special perks and benefits for holders of the collection, including autographs, virtual meetup passes, special edition birthday voice etc.
The prizes will be distributed in the following mechanism; A list of special numbers will be selected prior to mint. The person who minted the NFT with selected token id will be rewarded accordingly.
For example, Hanazawa Kana's birthday is February 25, then whoever purchases NFT #0225 will get a prize. More information regarding selected numbers will be posted before the launch.

Founders Pass

More importantly, Second Dimension will serve as a PASS for the next NFT launch on UneMeta Launchpad: The Golden Era. The Golden Era is a collection for all you anime lovers out there. We curate the finest, original anime production cels and drawings from a series of world-renowned IPs such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Sailor Moon, Slam Dunk, and several IPs from Studio Ghibli. Holders of The Golden Era NFT are granted the rights to redeem the physical artwork. Phase one auction consists of a very limited supply of the most celebrated pieces, and will be exclusively open to Second Dimension NFT holders.
For more details on Second Dimension and The Golden Era, please stay tuned to our twitter and discord for further announcements.
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